2010年8月22日 星期日

用EAC將CD轉CUE+WAV,Part2 設定原則筆記


(1). 首先是EAC的部份,只列出重要的,對我個人有影響的。


EAC → EAC options → Extraction

[取消] Fill up missing offset samples with silence
(會有missing offset samples的光碟機我不用,我不能忍受少了東西)
[取消] No use of null samples for CRC calculations
(null samples雖然無聲,但是對我而言也是資料的一部分)
[勾選] Synchronize between tracks
[取消] Delete leading and trailing silent blocks
[取消] Skip track extraction on read or sync errors
[勾選] Lock drive tray during extraction
Extraction and compression priority: [勾選High]
Error recovery quality: [勾選High]

EAC → EAC options → General
[勾選] Use alternate CD play routines
[勾選] Disable 'CD Autostart' for audio and data CDs while EAC running
[取消] On unknown CDs
[勾選] Display times using frames
[勾選] Ask before overwriting files
[勾選] Correct bug of wrong filename order in Windows multiple file dialog
[勾選] Show status dialog after extraction
[勾選] Beep after extraction finished
[取消] Eject CD after extraction finished
[取消] When using the power down feature
[取消] When using the power down feature
[勾選] wait for external compressors
EAC language selection [勾選 English]

EAC → EAC options → Tools
[勾選] Retrieve UPC/ISRC codes in CUE sheet generation
[勾選] Use CD-Text information in CUE sheet generation
[勾選] Create '.m3u' playlist on extraction
[勾選] Write m3u playlist with extended information
[勾選] Automatically write status report after extraction
[取消] On extraction, start external compressors queued in the background
[勾選] Do not open external compressor window
[勾選] Submit drive features after detection (but ask for permission)
[取消] Activate beginner mode, disable all advanced features

EAC → EAC options → Normalize
[取消] Normalize

EAC → EAC options → Filename
Naming scheme
%N - %T
[勾選] Use various artist naming scheme
%N - %T < %A >
[取消] Replace spaces by underscores

EAC → EAC options → Catalog

EAC → EAC options → Directories
Standard directory for extraction
[勾選] Ask every time (default showing last used directory)

EAC → EAC options → Write
[取消] Upper all characters (on writing)
[勾選] Include artist in the CD-Text track entry (on writing)
[取消] Disable copy protection flag on adding audio files to the layout editor by default
[取消] Use CDRDAO for writing in the EAC layout editor

EAC → EAC options → Interface
Use of SCSI interface
[勾選] Native Win32 interface for Win NT/2000/XP (Win NT/2000/XP/Vista)]

EAC → Drive Options → Extraction Method
[勾選] Secure mode with following drive features
(用EAC當然要用Secure mode)
[勾選] Drive has 'Accurate Stream' feature
[勾選] Drive caches audio data
[取消] Drive is capable of Retrieving C2 error information

EAC → Drive Options → Drive
Drive read command [選取Autodetect read command now按鈕]
(PX-755S自動偵測結果是Read command D8)
[取消] “Big Endian” byte order (Motorola)
[取消] Swap channels
[取消] Spin up drive before extraction

EAC → Drive Options → Offset / Speed
[勾選] Use read sample offset correction [填入0]
[勾選] Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out
[勾選] Allow speed reduction during extraction
[勾選] CD-Text Read capable drive
[取消] Use AccurateRip with this drive (optional)

EAC → Drive Options → Gap Detection
Gap/Index retrival method: 選[Detection method A]
Detection accuracy: 選[Secure]

EAC → Drive Options → Writer
Write samples offset [填入0]
[勾選] Driver is able write UPC/ISRC
[勾選] Drive is able write CD-text

EAC介面 → Action

Gaps結構[Append Gaps To Next Track] 設定位在 [Action] → [Append Gaps To Next Track]

建立CUE的選項位在[Action] → [Creat CUE sheet] → [Multiple WAV Files With Corrected Gaps...]或是[Current Gap setting]

抓音軌選擇位在 [Action] → [test & copy selected tracks] → [Uncompressed]

(2). CDCheck設定

Options → General
[勾選] Save CSV file in Unicode format
(CDCheck會用UTF16 LE BOM儲存hash檔)
[勾選] Show result window
[勾選] Calculate total size before processing
[勾選] Add CDCheck to Windows Explorer context menus
Processing priority [選擇above normal]
Clean read min. size [kB] [填入512]
When processing wav files ignore [選擇Nothing]

Options → Buffers
Hash file device read size [kB] [填入2048]
Device read size [kB] [填入256]
Circular buffer size [kB] [填入8096]
Recovery read size [kB] [填入512]

Hash → Hash setup
Hash type [選擇MD5]
[取消Use .MD5 file format]
(Hash file會以.CRC的副檔名,儲存成Unicode格式,勾選.MD5格式會存成ANSI)

(3). foobar設定

Media Libray → File Types
Restrict to: [填入*.utf8.CUE;*.utf8.EAC-Offset.CUE;*.mp3]
(*.utf8.CUE是現在使用的0絕對offset抓的新檔案,*.utf8.EAC-Offset.CUE是使用舊的EAC +30 offset抓的舊檔案,*.mp3則是掃描iTunes資料夾用的)

(4). iTunes設定
喜好設定 → 播放
[勾選] 音量平衡

喜好設定 → 播放
[勾選] 尋找共享的資料庫
[勾選] 在我的區域網路上共享我的資料庫

喜好設定 → Store
[勾選] 使用購物車來購買
[勾選] 自動下載已購買的內容

喜好設定 → 進階 → 一般
[勾選] 保持iTunes Music資料夾的整理狀態
[勾選] 歌曲加到資料庫時,將其檔案複製至iTunes Music資料夾

喜好設定 → 進階 → 匯入
匯入時使用 [MP3編碼器]
設定 [良好品質(128kbps)]
[勾選] 自動從Internet檢索光碟軌道名稱
[勾選] 建立含軌道編號的檔案名稱
[勾選] 當讀取音效CD時使用錯誤更正功能

喜好設定 → 同步
[勾選] 使用所有iPhone和iPod的自動同步

(5). 編碼格式和檔案名稱
  1. 使用EAC抓取成CUE + 一曲一個WAVE的格式,CUE儲存詳細的Tag資訊,WAVE檔名就是編號和曲名(甚至加上作曲者)。
  2. CUE的編碼格式,日文CD在處理過程使用Shift-JIS編碼,副檔名會打.Shift-JIS.cue。
  3. 永久保存的CUE使用UTF8 with Signature/BOM格式的unicode編碼,副檔名會打.utf8.cue。
  4. 使用Foobar開啟UTF8 with Signature/BOM格式的CUE檔播放。
  5. 掛載Shift-JIS的CUE檔,用iTunes轉成mp3給隨身聽用。
  6. 爲了資訊的完整性,針對存成utf8的CUE檔,我會再針對被CUE格式縮短的WAVE檔名作修正,因為有些WAVE檔名,EAC會配合CUE的限制,加以縮短。

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